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Welcome to Sky Lanterns. We are very happy to know that you are in celebrating mode. You are trying to celebrate your moment more awesome. You can find here some spatial products like sky lanterns, birthday lanterns, anniversary lanterns, holiday lanterns, Chinese lanterns, graduation lanterns, party lanterns and much more. We hope your spacial day will be more spacial. Happy celebration.

Chinese Lanterns

  • Chinese Sky Lanterns
    Chinese Sky Lanterns: Chinese sky lanterns are the best sky lanterns in the world. It’s used for different occasions of different countries. Chinese Sky lanterns Read More

Birthday Sky Lanterns

  • Sky Lanterns
    Birthday Sky Lanterns Birthday sky lanterns: Every people want to his/her favorite person to be happy. And Some people want to surprise on his/her friends birthday. There are Read More

Anniversary Lanterns

  • Anniversary sky lanterns
    Anniversary Sky Lanterns Take out the collapsed Anniversary sky lanterns painstakingly from the plastic wrapping, being extremely watchful not to tear or tear the lantern. Read More

Party Lanterns

  • Party Lanterns
    Excellent Popular Decorative Party Lanterns Party Lanterns are very attractive decoration for weddings, anniversary, birthday, graduation, outdoor, shop, hotel, garden, Read More

The original Sky lanterns

The original sky lanterns

Sky Lanterns have become well known within the events business due to the brand new flavor, it is regularly providing festivities. It is recognized as Wish Lanterns because people completed it to make desires. Individuals might light the genuine fuel cell of the lantern, make desire as it heats, finally possesses the lanterns have their wishes to the skies. Sky Lanterns are mainly mini heated air balloons. They are made up of fire proof hemp paper, the bamboo framework, a natural energy cell which is either composed of rice wax or towel. Metal wiring or perhaps a fire evidence wool piece of string to hold the particular fuel cell. Air lanterns create a stunning gleam when brought out into the overnight sky. Which enable it to travel an incredible distance in advance of gently building it's nice after the power cell includes burned out. Our colored air lanterns is often mostly a brilliant choice for use for the duration of daylight hours.Their glowing color shall be visible as they simply soar out of into the range. According to Chinese traditions as the sky, lantern increases it takes out your difficulties and provides you with fortune as well as prosperity! These kinds of amazing tools are safe along with easy to mild, and once lit up the lanterns rise efficiently into the stones. Great exciting for the two kids and also adults. Simply no party will be complete with no sky lanterns!

Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns

A sky lantern is a small hot air balloon made of paper with a wire construction on the bottom where a small fire is suspended. Fire produce hot air, which is essentially lighter than the cold air, and it gradually lifts up the lantern. In Asia and also in many other places of the world, sky lanterns have been made for centuries traditionally. It is used usually for festivals and plays. A sky lantern is also known as Kongming lantern or Chinese lantern. Historians believe that sky lanterns were first used in china in 3rd century BC for signaling between the troops. The Chinese experimented with small hot air balloons during the Warring States period. Traditionally, however, their invention is allocated to military strategist Zhuge Liang, who is also known as Kongming. The myth says that Zhuge Liang sent a message on the sky lantern summon help at the time when he was surrounded by troops. For this reason, Chinese lanterns are still known as Knogming lanterns in China. Other myth says that they are called Kongming lanterns because they look the hat which Zhuge Liang often used to represent on illustrations. After its invention, it became popular among children and adults too. In China, lanterns are widely used during Lantern Festivals and Mid-Autumn Festivals. In Taiwan, people arrange an annual Lantern Festival, when lanterns are released and all their wishes are written on the lantern. The Thais believe that releasing sky lanterns are the symbol of their problems and worries floating away. In India, during Christmas season the Star of Bethlehem is represented by floating sky lanterns in the night sky with hopes towards a new year. And in Diwali, (The festival of light) eco-friendly lanterns are used for celebration, along with fireworks. In Brazil, sky lanterns are characteristics of winter holidays, when people are releasing sky lanterns of all sizes even one or two meters in diameter. Sky lanterns have nowadays become very popular, even in non-traditional ceremonies like birthday parties and wedding ceremonies. That's good as many sky lanterns in the sky look beautiful.


1. Lightweight and simple to carry Biodegradable, flameproof and nonhazardous Fuel cell is eco-friendly. A wonderful way to light your celebrations and joyous occasions with one of these sky lanterns.
2. Sky Lanterns make the perfect alternative to fireworks. They move gently in the night skies and can take a trip for numerous kilometers.
3. Every flying lantern comes with its very own ready to lighting fuel cell, and they are prepared to fly inside about 45 seconds - 1 minute after start burning.
4. On calm situations, you'll be able to watch flying lanterns carry to 1200 feet before they will become far of the sunshine on the horizon.They seem to be a nice component to any occasion or affairs.
5. We have a variety of sky lanterns that happen to be in style year long, particularly for the time of year BBQ’s, Birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, Christmas at the side of New Year.
6. Lots of publics write letters and elect on their lantern before submitting them out of in their manner. This is especially common with Wedding lanterns.
7. Each lantern products existing on the website are very high quality, along with coming separately packaged using full direction. Our flying lanterns are produced from biodegradable non-flammable materials.
8. Our flying lanterns are very secure, however, they have to be controlled in accordance with our own safety as well as launch directions. These are supplied with your lanterns.

Product Description:

High quality great for functions. Make any kind of celebration, event or even celebration more memorable with the help of these gorgeous New and improved edition to ensure top quality. Each sky wish lantern comes covered in its private individual product packaging Contains energy cells. Every sky lantern comes equipped with its very own fuel cell, which gets hot the air within the lantern Secure, easy and enjoyable.These made with fire resistant papers.


Choose to open up spaces and release light bulbs in breezy conditions. Fire-forbidden zones, great building sections or sky-barrier places are actually forbidden. Only use the delivered fuel cell to light the lantern, other lighting fixtures methods are usually not recommended. Relief lanterns every time they start burning. Do not hold on to a lit up lantern. Do not hang about anything onto the lamp. Children should really be monitored by just an adult while using the lanterns.

Fire Resistant sky Lanterns:

1.Metal-free, totally biodegradable, fully eco-friendly fresh material.

2.Can modify various form: oval, canister, heart, gemstone, football, pumpkin, big cone.
3.Offer customize support: print any kind of logo within the lanterns as well as customize PP bags and also cases. Customized Printed Heat Balloon Papers Lantern with regard to Party Design.

Why buy?

1. Firstly where sky lantern building differs with the fuel cell. The fuel cell is the heart of the sky lantern.
2. These sky lanterns are ready with great quality. These lanterns are preserved with a fire retardant that works in this ability and is also biodegradable.
3. Sky lanterns are perfect substitutes intended for fireworks plus the visual can last a lot of time.
4. Sky lanterns are really a very inspiring and one of a distinctive way to get pleasure from any occasion.
5. They also look the best while several different shades are released into the atmosphere at the same time. It is really an eyesight you will never disremember.
6. These lanterns are most secure and safe. You may fly it easily.

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