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Anniversary sky lanterns

Anniversary sky lanterns

Anniversary Sky Lanterns

Take out the collapsed Anniversary sky lanterns painstakingly from the plastic wrapping, being extremely watchful not to tear or tear the lantern. Before lighting the lantern, hold it by the frame rim & gently fill the lantern with air to expand it fully & remove creases in the paper.

To light, the lantern, hold it by the top & the frame rim while another person lights the wick by holding a naked flame against it for a few seconds. The lantern will fill with hot air from the lit wick & be ready to be released within approximately 30 seconds. Anniversary sky lanterns.

The best sky lanterns

Hold the lantern by the edge until the lantern is loaded with hot air and will skim into the sky.

Do not release it prematurely as the lantern will fall to the ground.

  • 100% cotton asbestos free
  • Wire free the sky lanterns
  • Flame Resistant
  • 100%  Biodegradable

Sky Lanterns White

Sky lantern

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Comes with a high-Quality Fuel Source

Read and follow operating instructions carefully not suitable for children under the age of 16. To be lit by adults and to be used under adult supervision. Do not launch in wind conditions that make lighting the lantern difficult. In any case, ensure that the wind is not stronger than five mph (please refer to a weather forecast for relative wind speeds in your area) and the weather conditions are dry. Before the lantern launched, the naked flame must supervise at all times.

Do not to dispatch a lantern if any part is harmed check the twist bearing preceding discharging the lanterns – obstacles such as building & trees should not be in the direct flight path of the lantern & must be at least 30 meters away.  Do not release lanterns within a 5-mile radius of an operational airport or landing strip within two miles of a major road or motorway. Do not use near dry standing drops and hay bales. If used near the cost, ensure that you alert a coast guard to forewarn them &/ or take their advice. It is advisable to contact your local authority or fire service for a risk assessment on the location of launch and other advice. Do not release the lanterns in an area where the glow could be confused as a distress signal.

Before use, all lanterns should be kept in a dry, secure place away from children. Ensure that all children are kept under supervision & away from the source of ignition during the release. Always ensure that any naked flames are supervised & never left unattended. Make sure you have water & / or fire extinguishers at hand. Do not to light and discharge the lanterns wearing combustible attire on the off chance that the fire from the wick touches off the clothing. Not to be launched under the influence of alcohol. Launching a lantern in an inappropriate location, weather condition or an inappropriate manner may cause damage to persons or property which may make you liable for criminal charges or civil claims for damage. For additional safety, protective gloves could be worn.

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