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Chinese Sky Lanterns

Chinese Sky Lanterns

Chinese Sky Lanterns:

Chinese sky lanterns are the best sky lanterns in the world. It’s used for different occasions of different countries. Chinese Sky lanterns most popular of US people. Because they are celebrating their every remarkable moment by sky lanterns.


Merry Christmas, Happy new year, Birthday, Valentine’s day, Marriage anniversary, Mother’s day, Halloween.
Many people think that sky lanterns used for Cheerfulness. You can enjoy your every moment with Chinese sky lanterns.

Chinese Flying Sky Lanterns White

Chinese Flying Sky Lanterns

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The cause of popularity:

Because It is so cheap and easy to fly. Save your money and save your time.

You can check some Chinese sky lanterns price from below:


How to launch a Chinese sky lantern in the open sky:

  • Select an area out of the apartment.
  • Best place is near the river.
  • Open the sky lanterns packet be careful.
  • Square wax adjusts in the middle of the cable. Then burn the square wax. When you feel the sky lanterns completely hot. Then Leave hands from sky lantern. It will start to fly in the open sky.


  • Sky Lanterns are illegal to launch in the airport area.
  • Germany, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, and Vietnam are not allowed.
  • Illegal to sell, produce, import or distribute in Austria.

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