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Holiday Lanterns

Holiday Lanterns are handmade items based on different themes according to the holidays.

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The idea “Holiday Lanterns” mainly came from a Chinese festival. The name of the festival is Lantern Festival or the Spring Lantern Festival. This day remarks the Chinese New Year celebration day. During this day children go out at night with paper lanterns at their hand. They carry the lanterns and solve the riddles on them.

 But during those days lanterns were of simple designs and not used so widely all over the world. Now, these lanterns have become a common component of holiday celebration. With this, you will find the lanterns of different shapes. Also, you will find them of different designs keeping consistency with the holiday theme.

Stripes Wish Lanterns

Holiday Lanterns

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Lanterns put a great significance on festivals and holiday parties. Now it is not just a decorative lighting system or a mere trend. It has become an initial part. Lanterns are a must item for most of the holiday parties which take place at night.

Holiday parties like Christmas and others nights can be a potential field for holiday lanterns. Lanterns are a symbol of joy, happiness, and opulence. They create an ambiance of love, peace as well as tranquility. At this electrified townish environment, these lanterns add a theme of natural, tranquil flavor. And with this peaceful ambiance, you get peace of mind. You fell like thousands of miles away from the din and bustle of the everyday life. You come to places full of tranquility.

 Wishing River Paper Candle Light

 Wishing River Paper Candle Light

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Why use them for holiday parties: Well, festival or holiday parties whatever they are called. They are just moment to enjoy the life a bit different way. They help to erase all the monotony of daily life and help to start new. In this case, lanterns are going to be the next best choice for you.

  • Mind soothing ambiance:  The deem lighting of the lanterns create a peaceful ambiance on your party. It does not look like the random electric lighting. Rather the simple lighting system takes the audience to another level of serenity.
  • Eco-friendly materials: The eco-friendly materials used in making lanterns do not harm the environment. It uses simple paper or glass materials, sticks, oil. None of this harm the surroundings.
  • Cost effective: These kinds of holiday lanterns are very cost effective. As they need only simple materials to make them and also are handmade. So they do not need any extra machines. This reduces the production cost as well as the selling cost.
  • Decoration materials: Lanterns are not for only lighting in the holiday parties. Because different types of shapes and designs add extra decorative look on the whole theme of the party.

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